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Jordan Livestock 

A New Standard in Locally Grown


Will Jordan

Five Generations of Raising Livestock

Growing up around cattle developed a deep love for livestock in Will Jordan. His involvement in agriculture, care for people, and entrepreneurial spirit set the stage for an incredible alternative to classic meat buying options. While Will is the founder of the Jordan Livestock division of 4J Farm, raising and finishing quality livestock is truly a family affair.

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Everything We Offer




Though some will use special tactics to convince you their product is best, Jordan Livestock was formed to not only sell locally grown meat but to also educate consumers about the origins of their food. Situated in East Central Alabama and nestled in the edge of the Talladega National Forest, we are committed to doing things right by our animals and by our clients. We believe that a handshake still has value and work hard to ensure the very best beef, pork, and lamb.

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