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Jordan Livestock

Our Mission

Raising livestock responsibly for generations, selling locally grown meat since 2016

Jordan Livestock strives to provide the best eating experience in the best way through centering our business on faith in Jesus Christ and hard work. 


Our Story

Local Family Farm

Will Jordan founded Jordan Livestock in 2016, but grew up on the 4J Farm founded in 1995. As a 16-year-old in high school, Will did not want a typical job. Growing up in agriculture and learning the value of hard work, Will set out to provide locally grown meat of the highest quality to people in his community. As time progressed, Will continued to strive for excellence by adding pork and lamb to the line up of meat offered by Jordan Livestock. 

Though conceived out of a growing desire surrounding locally grown meats, our founder, Will Jordan, remains at the forefront of agriculture, livestock, and meat production. As an Agricultural Communications major at Auburn University, Will has written on meat inspection and various other topics. Will is an agricultural luminary, interacting with industry and government leaders about the importance of agricultural literacy in the United States. 

We take our commitment to produce the best product for you, our customers very seriously and continually improve our practices to ensure that we set the standard in locally grown beef, pork and lamb.

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